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We are commercial roofing and roof systems specialists

We are experienced, high-integrity roof system specialists. We bring over fifty-five years of combined experience in owner representation, roofing, daylighting, and solar consulting, from all aspects of the commercial roofing industry, in order to deliver the very best value to our clients. We have served on boards such as Energy Star, as Expert Witnesses, and delivered millions of dollars in value to Fortune 500 companies and large private clients nationally. Through our involvement, we directly save our clients money, reduce their liability exposure, and deliver profit throughout the roof life-cycle.

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Roof Inspection, Analysis, Reporting

What is the future of your roof?

Energy Savings Programs and Packages

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Planning, Budgeting, Asset Management

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IRE Projects

Thin Film Solar Distribution Center

Thin film solar system commercial distribution center commercial roof

60 Mil PVC Over Office Roof

60 mil PVC membrane commercial mixed use office building

Ballasted Solar on PVC Base

Commercial roof mounted solar installation over cool roof with skylights

  • IRE has assisted me and our other asset manager as well as our acquisitions director (at a private real estate investment firm with office, industrial, and retail properties nationwide) with analyzing roof condition and suggesting a range of repairs and replacements depending upon property type, location, and our business plan. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and very patient when it comes to explaining things to folks whose knowledge base is limited.

    Mandana Tarr Asset Manager
  • Before we met IRE, our biggest challenge was finding a qualified roofing company to complete repairs. IRE's advise/assistance we were able to do just that. IRE does their due diligence. We were provided a complete roof condition assessment with findings, observations and recommendations for roofing companies, repairs, and setting up a preventive maintenance program. We can reach IRE by phone or email and they are always helpful and knowledgeable.

    Peggy Weaver Regional Property Manager
  • "Our biggest issue before finding IRE was trust: relying on a roofer to give us an unbiased opinion and inspection."

    Cheri S. Regional Property Manager

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